Samstag, 20. Mai 2017

In Czech two Bitcoin ATM installed

The largest Czech online retailer Alza has started accepting bitcoin and has installed a Bitcoin ATM in two of its showrooms; one in Prague and one in Bratislava.  reported on Thursday that the online retailer has introduced bitcoin payments on its platform. The new payment option is already showing on its website, available for shoppers to use. All of its stores in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Britain and on now accept the digital currency via Bitcoinpay, the publication details.

Prague is already one of the most important centers of Bitcoin in Europe. The introduction of bitcoin payments is going to meet the growing popularity of this form of payment and the potential of new technologies.

Alza is the second major online retailer to embrace bitcoin this month. Russia’s largest online retailer, Ulmart, announced last week that it will start accepting bitcoin in September. According to, Alza is also planning to add a number of other cryptocurrencies in the future such as litecoin or ethereum.


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