Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

The race with $18 has started

Earn money with 4corners alliance

The Four Corners Alliance Group is the $18 deal that recently caught fire after a few marketing big-leagues started promoting it on Facebook.

Here’s the quick overview:

Remember, I am the highest-ranking Four Corners blog on the internet, and I sign up people every day.

People on my team are catching the vision, and this thing is filling up, guys. You want to be under me and my team, since it’s a forced matrix:

Going to level with you, here…this program is borderline-crazy.

If you’re seeing this now (December), Christmas came early for ya.

Earn money with 4corners.

We’re a part of the fastest-growing team in 4 Corners, and we’re gonna hook you up with all the team bonuses to help you dominate this.

Forreals…this video explains where everyone on our team is headed:

(you won’t sleep, i promise)

Seriously, a one-time fee of $18.

That’s it, forever.

4×6 forced matrix, with real products. The products cover a variety of topics, but mostly deal with finances and stuff.

Let’s point out a few things…this opportunity has such a low barrier of entry that this will attract the masses. Simple as that.

Spillover-galore, with the incentive for people to get in early to capitalize on matrix positioning.

This is legitimately an $18 opportunity, because all future up-sales will be taken care of by money you have earned.

The 4×6 matrix is as follows:
This thing is going to print money. Look at what happens at the fourth level. Printing $24 bills, left and right.

And the matrix is just one of five ways you make money with this….which is still baller. You still get a half million once that fills up.

Then, more “millionaire-money” is from the matching checks of every single person you personally enroll. That’s absurd.

That’s potentially $559,824 from any referral.

So, if your personally-referred member collects commissions from their entire Level 4 of over $6,144, you collect $6,144 instantly, as an example.

(Exactly the same happens in relation to every personally sponsored member)

And then there are 3 other ways you make money with the company, but, truthfully, the real takeaway is this:

Pay $18, then get 4 people to do the same.

In case you guys didn’t catch it, 4 Corners is a forced matrix. In other words, you wanna surround yourself with guys that are crushing, so you can get their “spillover”.

We’re crushing this program, whether you get in or not. Put yourself in our circle.

Get your four, and get your money.

So, let’s recap:

It’s $18 to join, it’s a forced 4×6 matrix, and you’re at near ground-breaking opportunity.

Guys, this thing is prime. Forbes recently ran an article detailing work-from-home opportunities and baby-boomers.

Over 10,000 people are retiring every day…and many of them are turning to the internet to find passive income.

Think about that for a second. Position yourself to succeed.

Join here: