Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2018

Markethive owners Explaining the New Market Network

Here are some of the reasons you should want to become involved with Markethive's Market Network! Explained in this interview with CEO - Thomas Prendergast and CTO - Douglas Yates.

MarketHive Privacy Policy
You own your personal information and content. It is explicitly not ours.
You will never receive a targeted advertisement or 3rd party content based on what you do or say online. We think it is unethical.
You see every post in timeline order from your friends, family and groups.
We do not manipulate, filter or change the order of your content or what you see.
Permissions and privacy are your rights. You control them.
You control who can access your content.
You control what, if anything, others can see in member searches.
We're a private network. That means we do not track or profile you.
Your privacy means that we do not share your personal information with anyone.
Your 'likes' and 'loves' are for you and your friends. We do not monitor or mine your data.
Your face is your business. We do not use facial recognition technology.
You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time.
We do not store or archive our logs.

Markethive Platform Includes:
Augmented Webinars
Blog Casting
Business Services
Survey Systems
Support system
News Feed
Profile Hub
Coin Wallet
Micro payments
Training Automation
10Traffic Portals
Mining Hive
Capture Pages

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