Freitag, 31. März 2017

Get your bitcoins risk free and passive

***Donate one time $6 to fill your first matrix with InfinityBTC****
Our program is based on a btc donation system to create a Matrix 2x5 with automatic upgrade and automatic repurchases. 
To participate you must perform 3 steps.
** Register
** Donate
** Refer

** Registry
You check from the main portal INFINITYBTC or a link you get from your sponsor.
** Donation
you make  a one time  0,006 BTC donation to activate your platform and to get you active to receive donations.
** Refer
Register 2 friends with your affiliate link and let them make donations to you and start earning bitcoins.
Join here: Https://

With your filled Matrix you earn $19.08 and continue infinitly.

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